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It isn't just about the drink, it's about the experience. Sure a drink can look great, taste great and leave you feeling satisfied. But what if in all of that, you were handed something small (7x10cm), but magical. Something that describes what you are about to experience before you smell it, taste it, devour it.

This power comes from a Drink Tasting Card and it's sure to wow your guests.

NCBC Mini card for serving (2).png

This image represents the texture of the card. 

For online purposes, I have separated the 2 to allow ease of reading.

NCBC Mini card for serving (4).png

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

Hard Kombucha mini card for serving.png

Hard Kombucha

NCBC Mini card for serving (3).png

The card is 2 sided.

This is side 1. Pretty neat huh?

Espresso Martini mini card for serving.png

Espresso Martini

To do French Martini mini card for serving (1).png

French Martini

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