Originally selling for $9,999

Now only $7,999

Worth over $11000 new

Only 6 months old

Why am I Selling?

I want to spend more time with my children. (3 and 4 years old)

Have you ever wanted to start your own business? Why not buy an existing one?

This is a very low barrier to entry with business and has a large profit potential if located in the right area.

Currently used to sell nitro cold brew coffee and to serve liquid beverages at weddings and events.

The fridge/freezer goes from +2C down to -30C meaning it can be used for liquid or for gelato.


I do not make the cold brew myself. I have a local cafe do it in Noosa. 

I can help you work with them OR find a cafe near you that can do it. Or I can teach you how to make it.


What’s Included:

The Trike Itself 

- 2 x battery charges (one for 12V car battery powering the fridge/freezer, the other for the trike as it’s an e-trike)

- Font, taps and connections

- No2 gas bottle adapter and gauge

- Co2 gauge conversion

- Fridge/freezer I use for storing kegs and making ice

- 9 large ice cube trays 

- 2 x 19L corny kegs

- Cleaning and sanitizing gear

- Any stock I have remaining (cups/lids/milk)


- Contains a fully functioning instant gas hot water system and sink to meet council requirements

- 1 x 20L water bottle

- 1 x 25L waste water bottle 

- 1 x gas bottle (full)


- Website (Wix Premium)

- Social media accounts (Insta and fb)

- Email 

- Supplier list

- 2 x ramps to load into a van or onto a trailer.

- 2 x gazebo (3 x 3m white + 4.5 x 3m blue)


Selling all as is for $9,499

Open to any offers and inspections.